Program for Academic Advancement

Apply to PAA


You are eligible to participate in PAA if you are enrolled at Fort Lewis College (or accepted for enrollment), are a U.S. citizen, are working toward your first Bachelor's degree, AND you can answer "YES" to at least one of the following questions (preference is given to those who are eligible for a Pell grant):

  • Neither of your parents (nor your legal guardian) had a Bachelor's degree before you became 18 years old;
  • You applied for financial aid and received a Pell grant;
  • You have a documented disability.

If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, you may be eligible and should apply to PAA. Call 970-247-7692 and request that an application be sent to you.  You can also download the application, but make sure you submit the completed application with all required documentation to the PAA Office in Reed Library Room 308.

Contact Us

Program for Academic Advancement
Fort Lewis College
Reed Library Room 308
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: 970.247.7692
Fax: 970. 247.7689


Become a Tutor

Any FLC student who has achieved a 2.75 GPA overall and who is at least a sophomore can qualify to be a PAA tutor. After attending a 6.5 hour tutor training, the student is eligible to tutor any class in which she/he has earned an A or a B. PAA holds tutor training at the beginning of each semester.

A PAA tutor’s starting salary is $9.00 per hour with increases each semester, and the hours are flexible. PAA tutors are eligible to become nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association if they also complete an additional five hours of training and 25 hours of tutoring. PAA tutors report that the experience looks great on their resumes and that their grades also improve as a result of tutoring others.

Pick up a tutor application at PAA, in the Reed Library on the 3rd floor, or email Katie Sparks at