Office of Peer Education

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Become a tutor

Are you passionate about your courses? Do you get excited about explaining ideas to your classmates? If so, consider applying to be a peer educator!

Tutoring centers across campus want to hire students like you—with strong subject knowledge and excellent communication skills.

As a peer educator, you will:

  • Become an expert in your discipline as you teach others about central concepts, processes, and theories.
  • Build relationships with faculty mentors as you support their work in the classroom.
  • Develop leadership skills as you guide your peers to accomplish long- and short-term academic goals.
  • Receive training in tutoring best practices that will transfer to other situations where you might teach, mentor, or lead others.
  • Earn cords to wear at graduation.

How to apply

Contact these tutor coordinators to apply:

  • Languages
    • El Centro de Muchos Colores: Shirena Trujillo-Long,; (970) 247-7290
    • Modern Language Lab: Fiorella Mazzanti;; (970) 247-6527
  • Math
  • Multiple Subjects
    • ‚ÄčTRIO Student Success Center: Katie Sparks,; (970) 247-7687
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Writing