Major & Minor

Fort Lewis College offers both major and minor programs in philosophy. Students have exciting opportunities for summer travel courses that explore philosophical traditions in cultures abroad as well as in the American Southwest. All liberal arts students, regardless of major, benefit from exposure to a philosophical exploration of their worldview, a comparison with other belief systems, and an analysis of their own underlying assumptions and values. If you are considering a major or minor in philosophy, please don't hesitate to speak with one of our faculty members or e-mail Professor Owen Dugald.

Majoring in Philosophy

Majoring in philosophy is a good choice for many students, but especially those planning on graduate work in the humanities and those planning on pursuing a law degree or an MBA. Many students find it worthwhile to double major in philosophy and another field (e.g. philosophy and biology as preparation for medical school).

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Minoring in Philosophy

Minoring in philosophy is an excellent choice for almost any liberal arts student, and some students find it more amenable than double-majoring in two fields. A minor in philosophy can enhance one's preparation for a career in business, education, or the sciences.

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