What is Fort Lewis College doing to help prevent terrorism on campus?

The Fort Lewis College Police Department receives terrorism updates from various sources and disseminates this information to its officers. When the information is pertinent to specific offices, those offices are notified of the information. All campus community members are asked to be alert and aware of suspicious activity and to report that activity to the Fort Lewis College Police. The campus police can be reached at 247-7123, or for an emergency dial 9-911 from on-campus, or just 911 if off-campus.
Will the health care professionals at Fort Lewis College be able to recognize the agents and effects of biological terrorism?
Health care professionals at the Fort Lewis College Health Center have received specialized training to know the symptoms of common biological agents. A facts poster on biological terrorism is posted in the Health Center.
Is Fort Lewis College prepared to respond to an incident of biological terrorism?
Fort Lewis College IS prepared to respond to an incident of biological terrorism. The health care and first responder professionals at Fort Lewis College are dedicated members of our campus community and they are familiar with and have received training on who to contact in case of a terrorist incident. However, the Health Center at Fort Lewis does not have the facilities to handle an incident of biological terrorism. Incidents will be referred to the appropriate agency.
How would Fort Lewis College be alerted to a local occurrences of terrorism?
If an incident of terrorism occurs in the Durango community or on campus, the campus police will be notified through the emergency dispatch center. After campus police have been notified, the general campus community will be informed via the most expedient method. This may include the reverse 9-1-1 telephone system, radio, television, e-mail, internet, newspaper, or through the police vehicle public address system.
What do I do if I suspect a terrorist incident?
Please report any activity which you consider to be suspicious in nature to the campus police at 247-7123, or the Durango police at 385-2900 if the activity is occurring off-campus. Dial 911 for an emergency unless you are on-campus. You must dial 9-911 from on-campus for an emergency.
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