The people have a right to peaceful assembly and to petition for redress of grievances. However, Fort Lewis College controls its property and has the right to determine time, place and manner of assembly for the public good. You may read official Fort Lewis College policy here.

Should a civil demonstration or assembly take place nearby:

  • Do NOT provoke or obstruct demonstrators.
  • You may want to contact Fort Lewis Police at 247-7491 to ensure they are aware of the demonstration. 

If a demonstration becomes unlawful:

  • Contact the Fort Lewis College Police immediately at 9-911.
  • Alert all persons in the area
  • If possible, lock all doors and close all windows
  • Close curtains/blinds to prevent flying glass. Stay away from windows after this is done.
  • The Fort Lewis College Police will determine if an evacuation is necessary and will inform evacuees when that determination is made.