Campus Police and Parking


Determination of the necessity for an evacuation rests with Fort Lewis College officials. This mainly refers to administrators and/or the Police Department. Once the determination has been made to evacuate, the following should occur:

Fort Lewis College Police/Administration will notify evacuees in the affected area(s).

If you receive notice to evacuate, safely stop working, do not rush, and do not panic.

  • Remain calm and proceed to the nearest exit.
  • DO NOT use elevators, take the nearest stairs.
  • DO NOT proceed to another area of the building to retrieve anything.
  • While you should remain calm and not rush, do not loiter or engage in idle conversation, either. Proceed in a brisk manner designed to get you out of the building quickly and safely.
  • Remain in the area until dismissed, and listen to and follow any instructions from emergency personnel.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building or work area until the all clear has been given.