If a fire begins in your workspace:

  • If you can SAFELY attempt to extinguish it, do so. Do not place yourself in a position from which you have no escape route.
  • If you cannot SAFELY extinguish the fire, leave the area, activate the building fire alarm, and call the Fort Lewis College Police at 9-911.
  • Evacuate the building immediately. Remember to use stairways only, not elevators. Also, smoke rises, so if there is a lot of smoke, stay close to the floor. Pay attention to your respiration and protect it if possible. Most casualties of fire die from smoke inhalation, not by burns. Anything you can use to filter the air you need is preferable to nothing.
  • Close windows and doors if time permits and it does not endanger your safety. This will weaken the fire by robbing it of fresh air, thereby giving more time to emergency responders. If you must open a door, touch it first. Do not open closed doors if they are hot to the touch.
  • Do not re-enter the building until or unless you are directed to do so by emergency responders.

If a wildfire approaches the campus:

  • You will be notified if/when the Emergency Operations Plan is activated.
  • The President of Fort Lewis College will decide if/when & how Fort Lewis College property is to be evacuated. Fort Lewis College Police will implement the presidents' decision.
  • Fort Lewis College employees whose private property is at risk from a wildfire may be granted time off to deal with the emergency, especially when official evacuation orders pertaining to their primary residence are imminent.