Campus Police and Parking

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material is ANY substance (solid, liquid, gas) which is or can be harmful or fatal to living organisms, especially humans.

If you witness a hazardous material spill, evacuate the spill site and warn others to stay away. Call the Fort Lewis College Police Department at 9-911.

If you are a hazardous material user, you should be trained on proper use and storage of hazardous materials. This training should include hazard information, proper procedures for preventing spills, and emergency procedures when a spill happens. Material Safety Data Sheets should be consulted to ensure proper handling/cleanup if a spill occurs.

If as a user you spill a hazardous material or materials: Leave the area of the spill first and proceed to a safe location nearby. Then assess if you have the proper training and protective gear to clean up the spill. If you are able to clean up the spill, follow proper cleanup procedures and use proper personal protection. Manage the generated waste as appropriate. Consult your supervisor or a Hazardous Material specialist/professional if necessary.

Isolate the spill area to keep everyone away, and post signs as necessary.

If you suspect or witness a release of a hazardous material to the environment (air, water, ground) call the Fort Lewis College Police Department (247-7123) who will contact the appropriate agency to investigate and initiate cleanup procedures if needed.