Campus Police and Parking

Medical Emergency

The Fort Lewis College Police Department hopes you never have a medical emergency. However, if you do, we want you to know we are available to help you.

How to contact us: Dial 9-911 for any emergency.

Dialing 9-911 on any campus phone, and 911 on any cell phone or pay phone connects you directly to Central Dispatch.

“Blue Light” emergency phones, located throughout campus, connect directly to Central Dispatch when the RED button is pushed. Push the RED button ONCE and wait for the dispatcher to answer. Repeated and/or panicky, frantic pushing of the red button will NOT result in a faster call, and may result in no call at all. These phones can also be used for normal local calls by pushing the BLACK button and waiting for a dial tone.

When you call about a medical emergency:

When you call our 911 communications center the dispatcher will ask:

  1. What is the medical emergency?
  2. Durango Fire & Rescue Authority may require information concerning the victim, so the Dispatcher may also ask the following questions.
  3. Is the person is conscious?
  4. Is the person is breathing?
  5. Is the person bleeding
  6. What is the person's gender and approximate age?
  7. Where is the person located? Be prepared to offer special directions if necessary.

Additional Points:

  • The dispatcher will also be dispatching police, ambulance and fire/rescue at the same time they are communicating with you. Please be patient as we get help on the way.
  • If someone is available, send them to a location where they can easily contact arriving emergency vehicles and/or personnel and assist them to the patients' location
  • Stay on the line until the dispatcher ends the call – they may need additional information.

For further information you may contact Central Dispatch at 385-2900 or the Fort Lewis College Police Department at 247-7491.