Campus Police and Parking

Power Outage

If a power outage occurs during normal working hours, contact Fort Lewis College Physical Plant Services at 247-7000. There are professional electricians employed by the college who can immediately address the problem. A major power outage may not in itself be destructive, but can be very disruptive to the educational process.

In case of a power outage after normal working hours:

  • Notify the Fort Lewis College Police Dept at 970-749-6581 as soon as possible. Please provide the officer with the nature and location of the outage.
  • If the outage appears to be widespread and/or involves a portion of the city of Durango and not just Fort Lewis College, contact Central Dispatch at 385-2900.

Be aware that…

  • Many times class disruption will be minimal as the problem will be corrected quickly.
  • Professors may elect to cancel class at their discretion. Do not initiate evacuation for a power outage unless instructed to do so by emergency responders.
  • In laboratory buildings, fume hoods do not operate during a power outage. Laboratories should not be used until the ventilation power is restored.