Campus Police and Parking

Workplace Violence

Staff, faculty and students are all asked to assist in making the college a safer place by being alert to suspicious situations or persons and reporting them to the Fort Lewis College Police Department.

With the exception of law enforcement, no firearms of ANY TYPE are allowed on school grounds per Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-105.5 (CRS 18-12-105.5).   Fort Lewis College has implemented a policy which further restricts weapons from campus.

If you are the victim of a crime:

  • Do not take any unnecessary risk. Preservation of your life and health are the top priorities. Possessions can be replaced. Your life cannot.
  • Notify Fort Lewis College Police at 9-911 or 385-2900 as soon as possible and give them the following information:
  1. Nature of the incident (What type of crime was it?)

  2. Location of the incident (Where did the crime occur?)

  3. Are there any injuries and is medical assistance needed?

  4. Description of the person or persons involved

  5. Description of the property involved (if any)

If you witness a crime:

  • If you witness a criminal act or notice a person or persons acting suspiciously on campus, immediately notify Fort Lewis College Police at 9-911 if it is in progress, or at 385-2900 to report a crime that is not in progress.
  • Assist the police when they arrive by supplying them with any additional information requested; ask others to do the same.

Together we can make Fort Lewis College a safer place