Campus Police and Parking

Rules of the Road

The responsibility for enforcing traffic and parking regulations rests with the Fort Lewis College Police Department.

  • Fort Lewis College employs State Police Officers.  They are responsible for monitoring traffic on campus, along with their other duties.
  • This department works in cooperation with the La Plata County Sheriff's Office and the Durango Police Department.  Under emergency conditions, the Colorado State Patrol may also be involved in law enforcement on campus.
  • All roadways on campus are public roadways; state, and municipal laws regarding traffic regulations will be enforced.
  • Be advised that Fort Lewis College police officers have the authority to issue tickets for moving violations which will result in a summons to the Durango Municipal city court or La Plata County court.
  • Assessment of a fine and/or loss of parking/driving privileges on campus may result from cases of serious or repeated violations.
  • The speed limit on campus is 25 mph, unless otherwise indicated.