Pre-Health Preparation

Recommended Courses

Several courses are highly recommended because their content is often seen in questions on the MCAT or other pre-health professions exam or they may be included in the prerequisite requirements for some schools. Be aware that many of the courses on this list, have prerequisite requirements (ie. Biochemistry cannot be taken without Chem 150, 151, and 250 as prerequisites; General Physiology cannot be taken without Chem 150, 151, and Bio 270). The prerequisites for these courses can be found in the Fort Lewis College course catalog).

We recommend:

  • Human Anatomy (Bio 233 and lab) or Comparative Anatomy (Bio 341 and lab)
  • Biochemistry (Chem 311)
  • Genetics (Bio 260 and lab)
  • Foundations of Molecular Biology (Bio 270 and lab)
  • General Physiology (Bio 321 and lab)
  • Microbiology (Bio 331 and lab)
  • Statistics (Math 201)
  • Advanced Composition (Eng 363)