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The Plan for the New Geosciences, Physics, and Engineering Hall
rendering of new geoscience, physics and engineering building

The New Hall

A new facility for Fort Lewis College’s geosciences, physics, and engineering programs is desperately needed to both increase the educational opportunities for students and address the rapidly increasing enrollments in these programs.

Once funding is secured, the plan is to demolish the existing portion of Berndt Hall that currently houses the departments and replace it with a new facility that is more than 3 times larger (over 60,000 sq. feet). 
The new Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall will significantly increase the amount of program space for the geosciences, physics and engineering departments, including much needed laboratory spaces, tutoring rooms, student study rooms, modern “smart” lecture rooms, laboratory preparation and storage rooms, dedicated research rooms, conference rooms and department, faculty and support staff offices.

The new labs will be state-of-the-art, designed for the particular needs of the programs being served. The project will also include a research observatory to support the College’s physics and astronomy classes. Equipment and furnishings will include laboratory hoods, electronics equipment, field equipment, astronomy and optics equipment, specialized testing and research equipment as well as laboratory and office furniture.

The Cost

The estimated construction cost for the new Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall is $35 million. Funding from the state of Colorado for the design of the new GPE building was received in 2008 and the design process was completed in 2010.

With the building design already completed, all that is needed to begin on this new facility is funding for construction. The majority of the construction funding will come from the state of Colorado, and this project is near the top of the state’s capital construction priorities.

However, state funding will not cover the entire cost of the new building. Private fundraising will be necessary to raise the full amount.

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GPE Building - Northwest Corner GPE Building - Northeast Corner
GPE Building - Observation Deck GPE Building - East Entry