Strategic Plan implementation update: Centralizing student services

Dear colleagues,
This week and next I am meeting with the groups leading the 11 out-of-the-gate initiatives of our strategic plan. Several of the groups met with Council of Chairs last week to receive feedback on their implementation plans as well. As I noted previously, groups are developing milestones for initiatives and mapping them against the objectives and key results of the strategic plan. 
Please bookmark this page to readily access the implementation plans after May 31. Also, keep an eye out for more emails from me. Biweekly, I will send links to a few plans at a time, highlighting key news and changes for campus. 

I’m happy to highlight one of those changes now. Theresa Rodriguez and her team have been working to centralize student services in a single customer service center in Miller, housing the Financial Aid Office, Student Billing, and Academic Advising & Scheduling. This center will help students understand and navigate the business of being a student, so they can then focus on their academics. This will be the first stop for students’ questions, as staff will be cross-trained and ready to help with all inquiries about administrative and academic processes. Runaround will drastically reduce for students and they should experience the highest level of customer service. The integration of these services will improve the student experience and staff efficiency and I’m looking forward seeing it come together for a soft launch this fall. 
I look forward to sharing more of these updates as we progress through our strategic plan initiatives. Thank you to the groups working so hard on each of them. If you’d like to connect to a group, reach out to the initiative owners directly or drop me an email. 


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