Strategic Plan implementation update: Culture & enrollment

Improving our organizational culture is an important part of better serving our students. Throughout the year, I’ve heard about the lack of consistent training and support for employee development. And, the lack of channels to communicate with College leadership. 

As part of strategic initiative implementation, Human Resources will work to provide consistent training to all faculty and staff. This includes improving systems for onboarding new hires, identifying training and professional development opportunities, incorporating goal setting into job duties, refining performance reviews, and establishing more feedback processes. As part of this initiative, HR will soon launch a new feedback method: you can now drop questions for me into a box located near the HR Office and I (or the relevant person) will provide answers. Look for an email from HR outlining the process for submitting questions. 

Since my last update, the Board of Trustees approved the 2019-20 operating budget, wherein tuition rates were not increased for Colorado resident students or non-resident students, and all faculty and exempt staff will receive a 3% increase in compensation. The State budget includes a 3% increase for classified staff as well. 

Additionally, the Trustees moved to utilize $357,000 from the Board restricted quasi-endowment to fund investments in the Peak Experiences program, Honors Program, and the Campbell Child and Family Center. The funding will give us time to examine the outcomes of these programs to decide if they merit funding from the permanent budget. 

I have received many questions about our enrollment situation, so I wanted to share a brief snapshot of where we are. 

A few important things to keep in mind:  
For budgeting purposes, we planned for enrollment to be flat so regardless of where we end up, unless there are wild swings beyond what the data seem to indicate, there will not be changes in support for initiatives or staffing patterns in the coming fiscal year.
The week over week comparisons can be highly variable so we tend to not make too much of being a bit up or a bit down in any given week. The real answer will come on Census Date and many teams are working hard to ensure we have the best possible outcome.
Enrollment is stable but not where we want it to be. We will continue to work hard to improve process and practice so we can create a sustainable institution. I’ll talk more about this in the fall.
In this year’s budget cycle, we made investments that are designed to positively impact recruitment and retention. 

Here are Fall 2019 enrollment numbers as of July 2, 2019:
2,838 undergraduates enrolled 
24 graduates
2,862 total enrollment, up 0.6% over last year

First-time First-year enrollment is flat with Fall 2018: 
760 confirmed
542 enrolled
67 have advising appointments scheduled
55 are eligible to make an appointment

At this time, the Fall 2018 First-time Full-time cohort’s re-enrollment rate is 64.5%.

As a reminder, please bookmark this page to readily access the implementation plans. Just expand the four work areas and scroll to the initiatives to see the links. We will continue to roll out more plans in the coming weeks. If you’d like to connect to a group, reach out to the initiative owners directly or drop me an email. 

Thanks for all you have done to contribute to the success of our students. We have work to do but can feel good about the progress made. 


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