Community Learners Registration Form

Please include your primary and secondary choices of courses from the course schedule:

  1. Go to the Search Course Schedule page. (You will need to follow steps ii through vi below.)
  2. To select the term, choose your preferred term under "Search by term" and hit submit.
  3. Use the search features to find a class. No classes with a "L" on the end of the description, with course fees or studio.
  4. To view the course description, click on "View Catalog Entry." Return to previous screen. 
  5. To view the capacity, click on the course title. Only choose classes with seats available and no waiting list. Return to previous screen. 
  6. Copy down the course title, number, start date and professor's name. You will need that for the registration form.

Student information

Please include your full legal name.


Primary course choice


Secondary course choice


Restrictions and etiquette

  • Admission is at the discretion of the professor.
  • Space is available only in classes below enrollment capacity.
  • You will not have access to classes with wait lists, labs, studios, fees, or heavy participation.
  • You agree to attend all classes during the semester, arrive on time, and leave when class is over, and not disrupt the class.
  • You do not take tests, hand in homework, or partake in group discussions.
  • You can obtain a FLC library card as a community member, but they do not have access to class hold materials.
  • Please observe all parking rules on campus. View parking information.
  • You will not share course content outside of the classroom.
  • You will not have access to student services.