Fort Lewis College campus in winter

A knowledgeable resource for faculty and administration and FLC programs

A primary goal of the Professional Associates is to put the wealth of experience of its members to work for the faculty, staff, and administration in support of college programs and the Fort Lewis College Foundation.

Accordingly, each PA member is asked to serve in a liaison relationship with one or more of these individuals or to participate in one of the FLC programs. The way the liaison program relationships unfold depends upon the needs and preferences of the partners.

Liaison lists are available at each Dean and Vice President's office.  The list of current PA liaisons is also available here.

Faculty Assistance

On an ad hoc basis, PA members function as instructors, committee members, program co-sponsors and additional resources for FLC classrooms and programs.

For a list of areas of expertise and experience represented by PA members, click here.  For further information on each member, click here.