Professional Associates - Ed Idar

Edward S. Idar (Ed)

Professional Title: Research and Development Scientist (Retired)

B.S., Aerospace Engineering with Honors, The University of Texas at Austin, 1977
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 1979


Career Profile:  Ed is a retired, 32-year veteran of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (1980-2012) where he served as an R & D Scientist in LANL’s Theoretical Design Division.  Ed is a recognized expert in the application of multi-dimensional hydrodynamic computer codes for analyzing and solving problems of interest to national security.  Areas of expertise include shock wave physics, shock initiation of high explosives, neutron particle transport, theory of nuclear weapon design and operation, shaped charge design and applications, and experimental methods.

Ed supported the Global Security Directorate in the area of energetic Render Safe Procedures where he assessed effectiveness of energetic technologies for countering improvised nuclear devices.  This assignment included both modeling and simulation of these technologies and the design of experiments to validate the modeling effort.

Ed also has supported the Nuclear Weapons Program by performing analytical and experimental studies to understand the response of nuclear weapon systems to the abnormal environment of nearby explosions and by performing one-point and multi-point safety studies.  He also served as a Project Leader for an experimental study to assess the vulnerability of the nuclear weapon stockpile to impact from both small a large caliber munitions at their respective ballistic limit velocities.  Prior to working for LANL Ed worked for the General Dynamics Fort Worth Division where he was responsible for the integration of supercritical airfoil technology into the wing design for advanced jet trainer concepts.

Current Interests and Affiliations: Ed is a member of the Professional Associates of Fort Lewis College and serves on the committee for the Life-Long Learning lecture series.  Ed also volunteers as a snowshoe guide for Guest Services at the Purgatory Ski Resort.  Ed enjoys alpine skiing, road cycling, trail running, weight training, fly-fishing, and hiking.