Professional Associates - George Richardson

George Richardson

Professional Title:  Geologist, energy consultant

B.A. Geology, University of Colorado
M.S. Economic Geology, University of Arizona


Career Profile:  Richardson brings with him a strong domestic and international management record in successful development, start-up, and management of foreign operations. He is experienced in a variety of natural resources including minerals, metals, ocean mining, and hydrocarbons in Africa, Mexico, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and the United States.  With excellent contacts, resources and knowledge of diverse foreign markets and governments, Richardson speaks English, Spanish, some Russian, and Afrikaans.

From 2000-2008 he has either chaired or co-chaired the program committee of the Society of Mining and Exploration for the Offshore Technology Conference, the largest technical gathering of the international oil, gas and mining industry in the world.  From 1995 to l997 Richardson was Program Director of Kazakhstan Project for IHRDC (International Human Resources Development Corp).  From 1976 to 1993 for Oryx Energy, Richardson was Chief Representative for Oryx Kazakhstan, President of Oryx Mexico and Managing Director and General Manager Oryx Ecuador.

His early career began with Utah International and later with Kaiser Exploration and Mining Company.  He held such position as Senior Exploration Geologist, Rocky Mountain District.  Prior positions included Chief Geologist for Minerals and Fuels, as well as Project Manager in South Africa (Kaiser Exploration), and Chief Geologist for uranium exploration for Utah International.

Richardson currently is involved as the founder of the U.S. Energy Policy Coalition, sponsored by the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME), which is attempting to better educate U.S. policy makers on future energy options.