Professional Associates

Ross Park

Professional Title: Information Technology Executive

Education: Graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, and a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences.

Career Profile: Ross spent 4 years with the US Air Force stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. During that time, he also taught Computer Sciences courses at American University. His subsequent career in the information technology industry started as a software analyst with General Electric in Phoenix and Boston where he was assigned to projects which required him to spend extensive periods of time in France during the 1970s. This exposure to living and working in Europe triggered a life-long interest in foreign affairs.

With the purchase of GE Info Systems by Honeywell, Ross returned to Phoenix and managed a software organization of 300 programmers. With the purchase in 1988 of Honeywell Info Systems by Groupe Bull, a French government-owned computer company, Ross again had the opportunity to work closely with European technicians and management. Ross moved to Paris in 1994 to manage an international marketing team responsible for the introduction and support of Groupe Bull’s major product line. Ross returned to Phoenix as the General Manager of the Bull-Phoenix plant involving management of 2000 employees. He retired in 2001 after 37 years in the computer industry. His various positions in the computer industry involved considerable travel and living experience in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Current interests: Ross currently resides full time in Durango Colorado with his wife Ellen and 3 cats. He enjoys, skiing, baking, opera, classical music, reading and, of course, involvement in international politics.