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Dr. Kevin Walters

Dr. Kevin Walters
Assistant Professor of Psychology


  • Industrial-organizational psychology
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Statistics and computational modeling
  • Mixed-method research
  • Meaningful work
  • Learning and training


  • Ph.D., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Colorado State University, 2019
  • M.S., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Colorado State University, 2016
  • B.S., Psychology, Kansas State University, 2013


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Dr. Kevin Walters is available to comment on topics related to areas of interest or expertise. If you need further assistance, contact Public Affairs at 970-247-7401 or by email.

About Dr. Kevin Walters

Dr. Kevin Walters earned his Ph.D. in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology at Colorado State University, where he also completed an occupational health psychology (OHP) training program via the Mountains and Plains Education and Research Center. His work adheres to the “scientist-practitioner model” of I-O psychology and involves generating new knowledge through research and also applying psychology to individuals and groups in work contexts. His current interests include occupational health and safety, applied psychology in small businesses, computational modeling, adult learning and training, and humanitarian work psychology. Dr. Walters’ work has been published in research journals (such as the American Journal of Industrial Medicine), in textbooks (such as Teaching Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach), and in technical reports (such as for the Colorado cannabis industry). His research has also been featured by media outlets such as Denverite, Westword, Bloomberg News, and KUNC Community Radio.

Selected Publications

Walters, K. M., Fisher, G. G., & Tenney, L. (2018). An overview of health and safety in the Colorado cannabis industry. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 61, 451-461.

Mattingly, V., & Walters, K. M. (2018). Death by 1,000 paper cuts: The impact gendered language has on participation. In S. de Janasz & J. Crossman (Eds.) Teaching Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Walters, K. M., Fisher, G. G., Tenney, L., & Kraiger, K. (2017). Work and well-being in the Colorado cannabis industry: “Quick hits” project results and report (Industry Report). Retrieved from the Center for Health, Work, and Environment website: http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/colleges/PublicHealth/research/centers/CHWE/newsroom/Documents/Work_and_Wellbeing_in_Cannabis_Industry_Kevin_Walters.pdf

Moses, X .J. E., Walters, K. M., & Fisher, G. G. (2016). What factors are associated with occupational health office staffing, job stress, and job satisfaction? Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58, 567-574.

Selected Conference Presentations

Walters, K. M., Kraiger, K., & Fisher, G. G. (2018, April). The psychological impetuses and outcomes of work in the Colorado cannabis industry. Poster session presented at the 10th Annual MAP ERC Research Day, Aurora, CO.

Walters, K. M., & Fisher, G. G. (2017, October). Is the “grass” greener? Work and well-being in the Colorado cannabis industry. Paper presented at the Understanding Small Enterprises Conference, Denver, CO.

Fisher, G. G., Walters, K. M., & Menger-Ogle, L. (2017, June). Dirty work? Development and validation of a measure of perceived occupational stigma. Paper presented at the Work, Stress and Health Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Park, Y., Walters, K. M., Booth, C., & Sprung J. M. (2014, June). Student workers’ work-school conflict, sleep quality, and fatigue: A weekly investigation. In T. Crain & S. Lee (Co-chairs). Investigating daily and weekly relationships between the work/nonwork interface and sleep. Symposium conducted at the Work-Family Researchers Network Conference, New York, NY.

Kausel, E. E., & Walters, K. M. (Co-chairs). (2014, May). Decision-making processes, biases, and heuristics across the employment life cycle. Symposium conducted at the 29th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Honolulu, HI.

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