Department of Psychology - General Opportunities

How Can I Get Involved in the Psychology Department?

1) Earn Research or Practicum Hours

The Durango Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of nonprofit organizations and clubs, and quite a few of them may relate to your psychology interests and may provide opportunities for internships or volunteering.

We also have a list of possible practicum sites. Please contact them directly for more current information.

If you are interested in earning research or practicum hours, please get in touch with the psychology department to check eligibility. We also have a growing number of SERVICE LEARNING courses, which all have the Psych 311 course number, including using motivational interviewing on campus, working at the sexual assault survivors' hotline, and doing suicide prevention work in the local middle schools.

2) Join the Psychology Club and Psi Chi

All interested students are encouraged to join the Psychology Club.

President: Emma Franklin

Applications for Psi Chi, the national student honors society in psychology, are accepted at the beginning of the fall semester here at FLC. A call for applications will be sent to psychology majors, which will contain information regarding eligibility, where the application is available, where it should be submitted, and the application deadline.

You do not need to be in Psi Chi in order to participate actively in Psychology Club.

3) Attend the Rocky Mountain Psychology Conference

If you are interested in presenting a research poster at the Rocky Mountain Psychology Conference, you need to apply by the end of FALL SEMESTER. You can present any research you are doing (or have already completed) in Research Methods, Senior Research, Social Psychology, or an independent project. Please let your faculty sponsor (the person who supervised your research) know if you plan to apply so that they can help edit your submission. Submission deadlines are typically in December. 

Visit the conference website for more information about this wonderful opportunity to attend a professional psychology conference, meet other psych students and professors, and potentially open doors to grad school. If you want funding for your trip to RMPA, you should apply for a student research/travel grant (see #4 below), which could reimburse 100% of your expenses. 

4) Apply for a student research grant

The School of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce funding for student research projects and scholarly and creative activities. Go to the Undergraduate Research Grants page, which contains files that will assist you in completing the application.

5) Be a teaching or research assistant for one of your professors

An excellent to earn course credits while bolstering your resume for graduate school or future employment is to work as an RA or TA for one of your faculty members. Students generally earn either academic credit or work-study money (if you are eligible). For more information on how to be a TA or an RA, check our Special Programs.

6) Submit a paper to Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges' journal of undergraduate research. If you are interested, talk to your instructor to find out if they recommend submitting your research project for publication in Metamorphosis.