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Michael Anziano

Associate Professor of Psychology
Developmental Psychology



Psyc 254: Spring Term, 2014
Psyc 354: Spring Term, 2014

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 Michael AnzianoMichael Anziano's areas of interest, research, and specialization include childhood cognitive and emotional development, child observation and case studies. Dr. Anziano has considerable experience in early intervention issues (such as Head Start programs, children “at risk,” childhood resilience, and family literacy programs).

He has 15 years of experience in federal program evaluation of preschool programs, and Native American Head Start programs. He also has experience and expertise in child clinical and diagnostic psychological testing, child and family therapy, and the administration of intelligence and projective tests. Dr. Anziano has published several articles on childhood development and early intervention practices. He co-authored a book on preschool curricula that was published by McGraw-Hill, and he has an article appearing in 2008 in the journal of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. This work examines traditional Navajo Indian parents and their involvement with their children’s care and academic work. 

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