Michael C. Anziano, Ph.D. Michael C. Anziano, Ph.D.
University of Colorado
Associate Professor of Psychology
Developmental and Educational Psychology
Office: 276 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7646
Email: anziano_m(at)fortlewis.edu - Webpage - Detailed Bio
Alane Brown Alane S. Brown, Ph.D.
Princeton University
Associate Professor of Psychology
Social Psychology; Conservation Psychology
Office: 282 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7579
Email: brown_a(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
Brian L. Burke, Ph.D. Brian L. Burke, Ph.D.
University of Arizona
Professor of Psychology
Clinical Psychology; Motivational Interviewing; Terror Management Theory
Office: 290 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7088
Email: burke_b(at)fortlewis.edu - Webpage - Detailed Bio
Betty Carter Dorr, Ph.D. Betty Carter Dorr, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska
Professor of Psychology
Physiological Psychology; Evolutionary Psychology; Human Sexuality
Office: 272 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7643
Email: dorr_b(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
Sue Kraus, Ph.D.
University of Colorado
Associate Professor of Psychology
Social Psychology; Research Methodology
Office: 274 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7659
Email: kraus_s(at)fortlewis.edu - Webpage - Detailed Bio

Ava J. Santos, Ph.D.

Ava J. Santos, Ph.D.
Emory University
Associate Professor of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Office: 288 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7486
Email: santos_a(at)fortlewis.edu - Webpage - Detailed Bio
Janice Templeton, Ph.D. Janice Templeton, Ph.D.
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Associate Professor of Psychology
Positive Psychology; Developmental Psychology
Office: 278 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7515
Email: templeton_j(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
Natasha Tidwell, Ph.D. Natasha Tidwell, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social Psychology; Relationships; Psychology of Gender
Office: 292 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7339
Email: ndtidwell(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
Megan C. Wrona, Ph.D.
University of Utah
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Counseling Psychology; cultural adaptations; youth and teens 
Office: 280 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-4141
Email: mcwrona(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
Lori M. Benefiel, LMSW-ACP Lori M. Benefiel, LMSW-ACP
University of Texas at Austin
Visiting Instructor
Health and Poverty; Ethnic Studies
Office: 279 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7021
Email: benefiel_l(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio
 Sarah Tracy, Ph.D. Sarah Tracy, Ph.D.
New Mexico State University
Visiting Instructor
Clinical Psychology
Office: 281 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970)247-7094
Email: sktracy(at)fortlewis.edu
Michael Uhes, Ph.D. Michael Uhes, Ph.D.
Utah State University
Senior Lecturer
Cross-Cultural and Health Psychology
Office: 289 Education/Business Hall
Telephone: (970) 247-7240
Email: uhes_m(at)fortlewis.edu - Detailed Bio