Public Health Program

Public Health Majors & Minor

Students pursuing a degree in Public Health may choose among the following 3 options:

Allied Health Option
The Allied Health option is designed to provide appropriate course work for students who are fulfilling pre-requisites for medical programs such as nursing school following graduation

Environmental Health Option
Environmental public health is a sub-discipline of public health that encompasses the assessment of the natural and human built environment as it affects human health. As an environmental public health practitioner you will work to prevent disease and facilitate environments that promote human and ecosystem health.

Psychosocial Health Option
The psycho-social option is designed to provide appropriate course work in health psychology, sociology, and anthropology for students particularly interested in the interface between physical, psychological, and social aspects of public health.

Interesting Public Health Courses

  • Communicable & Chronic Disease
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health
  • People & the Planet