Public Health Program - Service Learning

Service Learning for Public Health Majors

The practicum is a capstone experience for Public Health majors providing a public health related work experience in their senior year. The practicum enriches education by adding the vital component of work experience for the student. The experience allows students to explore and clarify professional goals, establish post-graduation job contacts, and acquire skills and experiences related to career goals. The internship program is designed to establish a relationship with agencies and practitioners, providing an opportunity for the exchange of contemporary thinking among the faculty, students, and practitioners, while providing service to the community.

The type of work may vary depending upon the setting, and may include experiences in a variety of organizations (government\agencies, volunteer agencies, private institutions, public institutions, corporations, etc.). A wide range of field experiences are expected through this opportunity. You will be required to fulfill the obligations outlined in this manual, as well as perform the duties required by the supervising agency you intern for.

The Public Health Practicum is offered under the course number PH460 and is taken for 4 credit hours. For each credit hour taken, the practicum student must log 30 clock hours on the job site. Since the practicum is taken along with other classes as part of a student’s regular load, it is important to plan a schedule that will accommodate the extra hours and travel time.