Purchasing & Travel Office


Wayne Hermes, Director of Purchasing, is the point of contact regarding contract management and administration for the College. He must review all contracts for Fort Lewis College, and is the college liaison with the Office of the Attorney General. For questions pertaining to contracts, please contact Wayne Hermes by email or by phone at 970-247-7432.

For purchases of SERVICES exceeding $5000, always contact Wayne Hermes prior to proceeding.

Prior to collecting any signatures, all formal contracts require review by Terry Richardson, EHS Director, in regards to Risk Management/Insurance requirements.

The Fort Lewis College Fiscal Rules require the Vice President for Finance and Administration to approve all contracts. No contract is valid until signed and dated by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, therefore no contractor is authorized to begin performance until such time.  If contractor begins performing prior thereto, the College is not obligated to pay contractor for such performance or for any goods and/or services provided.

Required Forms


When the contractor is a Sole Proprietor, Exhibit IC is required to be attached to the Purchase Order:

Only the individuals on the following list are authorized to commit the college to any expenditure, and therefore are the only people who may sign any contract.

Dene K. Thomas, President Barbara Morris, Provost
Steven J. Schwartz, VP Finance and Administration Glenna Witt Sexton, VP Student Affairs
Mark A. Jastorff, VP Advancement Michele Peterson, Assoc. VP Finance & Administration
Wayne Hermes, Director Purchasing Matthew McGlamery, Director Information Technology
Cheryl Wiescamp, Controller Darren Matthews, Director Human Resources
Bob Smith, Director Physical Plant Services Charles Leslie, Director Concert Hall
Gary Hunter, Director Athletics Terry Richardson, Director Enviromental Health & Safety
Jill Wiegert, Director Student Union Mark Mastalski, Director Leadership Center
Jeff Dupont, Director Health, Wellness and Special Programs Julie N. Love, Director Housing
Douglas E. Ewing, Director Recreational Services Hillary Brenneman, Asst. Director Housing
Shelby J. Tisdale, Director Center for SW Studies  



Purchasing Contacts:

Wayne Hermes
(970) 247-7432

Rena Cole
(970) 247-7430

Risk Management/Insurance Requirements Contact:

Terry Richardson
(970) 247-7272