Frequently Asked Questions

At one time, a PSA was required any time we did business with an off-campus entity, and that business required that we sign their contract. Is a PSA still required in these instances?

Not if the total cost is $5000 and under. However, you are required to bring the contract to the Purchasing and Travel office for review PRIOR to signing it.

How are POs paid?

After you have received your goods, you must request 'receiving' for the PO from Central Stores/Receiving.
  1. Accounts Payable will cut a check for the correct amount only after receiving has been completed in the  system. Never submit a RFP to pay a purchase order.
  2. On the invoice, write 'OK to pay against POXXXXX.' Then sign, date and send to Purchasing.

How is a PO created and who creates it?

Here is the order of the steps to generate a PO:
  • Complete a Requisition
  • Submit it to the Purchasing and Travel Office, 290 Berndt Hall
  • The PO will be created by a purchase agent

What are the campus extensions and addresses of Purchasing, Central Stores/Receiving, and Accounts Payable?

Here are the campus extensions:

  • 7430- Purchasing and Travel, 290 Berndt Hall
  • 7549- Central Stores/Receiving, Physical Plant
  • 7144- Accounts Payable, 140 Berndt Hall

What if I only received some of the items ordered?

You may request receiving for those items and Accounts Payable will pay for only the items for which receiving has been completed.

What if I will be acquiring goods from a company many times over the course of a year?

Please note on the requisition that you need a 'blanket PO,' and a total cost. The fiscal year ends on June 30, so any blanket POs must end June 30 or prior to that date.

When is a Personal Services Agreement (PSA) required?

When purchasing any services and the total cost exceeds $5000.

When is a Purchase Order (PO) required?

When purchasing any goods in which the total cost exceeds $2000; and with all Personal Services Agreements

Where do I go to find a Requisition or a PSA?

Requisition and PSA forms may be found on the home page of the Purchasing website.

Why can't I use a Procurement Card to purchase goods instead of a PO?

Procurement cards can only be used to purchase goods when the total amount is under $2000, and are mainly intended for local use. However, they may be used for online purchases.