Recreational Services - Staff

Recreational Services Staff

Doug Ewing - Director of Recreational Services

Doug EwingDoug Ewing
Director of Recreational Services


BS in Psychology, Drake University
MS in Education, Drake University

Golfing, hiking, snow skiing and traveling

Favorite Food
Hot Wings

Favorite Quote
"To talk without thinking is to shoot without aiming."
English Proverb

Brett Davis - Assistant Director, Outdoor Pursuits

Brett DavisBrett Davis
Assistant Director, Outdoor Pursuits


BA in Economics, University of Chicago
MS in Sport Management, University Massachusetts

Avid climber, paddler, cyclist and participate in virtually any other outdoor sport which requires a helmet. Also enjoy international travel having been fortunate to travel and explore our amazing planet—from the scenic vistas of Patagonia to the wilds of Asia and everywhere in between.

Favorite Snack
“Crucial Crunch” (a.k.a GORP)

Tom Whalen - Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

Tom WhalenTom Whalen
Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits


Permit and Land Use Coordinator of Fort Lewis College

Mountaineering, skiing, climbing, trail-running, boating, general outdoor enthusiast, spending as much time in wild-places as possible. Being a dad to two amazing boys is also a favorite past-time.

Favorite Food
tacos de pescado

Colt Fetters - Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

Colt Fetters
Colt Fettersdinator, Outdoor Pursuits

BA in Construction Management, Washington State University
MA in Administration of Higher Education, Auburn University

Riding bikes, skiing, climbing, paddling, and taking photos of it all.

Favorite Food 
Baked goods

Favorite Pastime 
Sketching, Outdoor naps, and Netflix

Brandon DenHartog - Assistant Director, Intramural, Club Sports, Facilities

Brandon DenHartogBrandon DenHartog
Assistant Director, Intramural, Club Sports, Facilities


BA in Leisure Services & Recreational Programming, University of Northern Iowa
MA in Adult Education, Drake University

Interests and Hobbies
I am a fan of all sports and large TVs that broadcast those sports. I am still in pursuit of the perfect couch or recliner to sit in while watching the large TV broadcasting sports. Since moving to the Southwest I am learning to like sushi, although I think we called it “bait” back in Iowa. I enjoy spending time with my dogs even though they shed everywhere. I do own a truck that is currently not running, so don’t ask me to help you move. My wife and I also seem to adopt pets and people when then need a home for a few days (or months).

Favorite Quote
What the freakin' heck! - Brett Davis

Favorite Food
Anything that I don’t cook or clean up.

Jake Epps - Coordinator, Facilities

Jake EppsJake Epps
Coordinator, Facilities


BA in General Studies, Northern Arizona University
MA in Physical Education, Supervision Management Curriculum, Northern Arizona University

Avid weight lifter, fisherman, skier and enjoy everything in the outdoors. My wife Cathy and I also like boating and camping as well as traveling to new places.

Favorite Food
Green Chile

Favorite Pastime

Lauren Batson - Assistant Coordinator, Intramural, Club Sports & Marketing

Lauren BatsonLauren Batson
Assistant Coordinator, Intramural, Club Sports & Marketing

BS in Communication, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Photography, Sports, Painting, Reading and Netflix. 

Favorite Food
Queso, anything covered in queso, Oh and chicken nuggets.

Favorite TV show
Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Quote
“There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.” Dwight Schrute

Robert "Bubba" Martinez - Assistant Coordinator, Fitness & Wellness

Robert "Bubba" Martinez
Bubba MartinezAssistant Coordinator, Fitness & Wellness

BA in Exercise Science - Exercise Specialist Option with a Minor in Psychology at Fort Lewis College 

Interests & Activities
All sports and outdoor activities, I enjoy being active and exploring new places and when I am not doing that I'm home sleeping.

Favorite Food
Pork red/green Chili

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Quote
"Hakuna Matata"... It means no worries.  Timon and Pumbaa

Holly Huebner - Sr. Intern

Holly Huebner
Senior Intern, Outdoor Pursuits

BA in Adventure Education with minor in Sociology from Fort Lewis Colege Spring 2018

Interest and Hobbies
Snowboarding, backpacking, hicking, photographing and playing with my dog (my #1 choice)

Favorite Food

Favorite Quote
"Never judge what you don't understand."

Arnie Pardo - Facility Maintenance

Arnie Pardo
Arnie PardoFacility Maintenance

Interests & Activities
Farming, gardening, and raising cattle.

Favorite Food
Chile, beans and corn tortillas.

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Quote
Sha sha matea