Recreational Services

Recreational Services Staff

Doug Ewing - Director of Recreational Services

Doug EwingDoug Ewing
Director of Recreational Services


BS in Psychology, Drake University
MS in Education, Drake University

Golfing, hiking, snow skiing and traveling

Favorite Food
Hot Wings

Favorite Quote
"To talk without thinking is to shoot without aiming."
English Proverb

Brett Davis - Assistant Director, Outdoor Pursuits

Brett DavisBrett Davis
Assistant Director, Outdoor Pursuits


BA in Economics, University of Chicago
MS in Sport Management, University Massachusetts

Avid climber, paddler, cyclist and participate in virtually any other outdoor sport which requires a helmet. Also enjoy international travel having been fortunate to travel and explore our amazing planet—from the scenic vistas of Patagonia to the wilds of Asia and everywhere in between.

Favorite Snack
“Crucial Crunch” (a.k.a GORP)

Tom Whalen - Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

Tom WhalenTom Whalen
Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits


Permit and Land Use Coordinator of Fort Lewis College

Mountaineering, skiing, climbing, trail-running, boating, general outdoor enthusiast, spending as much time in wild-places as possible. Being a dad to two amazing boys is also a favorite past-time.

Favorite Food
tacos de pescado

Sam Hensold - Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

Sam HensoldSam Hensold
Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

BS in Resource Recreation and Tourism, University of Idaho
MBA in Organizational Leadership, Norwich University

Traveling and exploring new places, both internationally and in this beautiful country. When not climbing, mountain biking, rafting, skiing or backpacking, I like to hang out in the kitchen (either cooking or being cooked for).

Favorite Food
Burritos bigger than a small child

Brandon DenHartog - Assistant Director, Intramural, Club Sports, Facilities

Brandon DenHartogBrandon DenHartog
Assistant Director, Intramural, Club Sports, Facilities


BA in Leisure Services & Recreational Programming, University of Northern Iowa
MA in Adult Education, Drake University

Interests and Hobbies
I am a fan of all sports and large TVs that broadcast those sports. I am still in pursuit of the perfect couch or recliner to sit in while watching the large TV broadcasting sports. Since moving to the Southwest I am learning to like sushi, although I think we called it “bait” back in Iowa. I enjoy spending time with my dogs even though they shed everywhere. I do own a truck that is currently not running, so don’t ask me to help you move. My wife and I also seem to adopt pets and people when then need a home for a few days (or months).

Favorite Quote
What the freakin' heck! - Brett Davis

Favorite Food
Anything that I don’t cook or clean up.

Jake Epps - Coordinator, Facilities

Jake EppsJake Epps
Coordinator, Facilities


BA in General Studies, Northern Arizona University
MA in Physical Education, Supervision Management Curriculum, Northern Arizona University

Avid weight lifter, fisherman, skier and enjoy everything in the outdoors. My wife Cathy and I also like boating and camping as well as traveling to new places.

Favorite Food
Green Chile

Favorite Pastime

Scout Sorcic - Assistant Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits

Scout SorcicScout Sorcic
Assistant Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits


B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies from Sierra Nevada College.
Concentration in Outdoor Leadership and Ski Business Resort Management.

Whitewater rafting/kayaking, backcountry skiing, and hiking to alpine lakes, and drinking coffee. 

Favorite Food
Good green chili

Favorite TV Show
Podcast - Things You Missed in History Class

Favorite Quote
“There’s nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats." Kenneth Grahame

Jason Templat - Assistant Coordinator, Intramural & Club Sports

Jason TempletJason Templat
Assistant Coordinator, Intramural & Club Sports

B.S.,‚Äč Health and Exercise Science, from Northwestern State University of Louisiana
M.S., Health and Human Performance, concentration in Sports Administration, from Northwestern State University of Louisiana

I like to be active for as much of the day as I can. I like all kinds of sports both playing and watching. Running, working out, hiking, walking around town, and hanging out with friends are some of what I like to do in my spare time.

Favorite Food
Chicken is my favorite food. I like to cook and try new ideas using chicken.

Favorite TV show
Daredevil, Gotham, and Marco Polo

Favorite Quote
"Sometimes you're on top of the world, STAY HUMBLE. Sometimes you're at a low, STAY HOPEFUL." - Live Lokai
"Fall eight times, stand up nine. Never give in, never back down."

Christina Fernandez - Assistant Coordinator, Fitness & Marketing

Christina Fernandez
Christina FernandezAssistant Coordinator, Fitness & Marketing

B.S., in Exercise and Sports Studies with a Minor in Health from Texas Tech University
M.S., in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Kinesiology, Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management, and Human Development in Family Studies from Texas Tech University

Interests & Activities
Coming from the coast, I thoroughly enjoy running alongside the beach and am looking forward to running on trails in Colorado and exploring all the sights it has to offer! Dancing to great music and being around my family and friends is another one of my favorites!  I love to unwind by enjoying a couple of hours at the salon, reading a book and shopping. 

Favorite Food
Huge pasta and chocolate lover, always looking for the best tacos and hamburgers in town!

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Quote
“Be a Pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside”

Arnie Pardo - Facility Maintenance

Arnie Pardo
Arnie PardoFacility Maintenance

Interests & Activities
Farming, gardening, and raising cattle.

Favorite Food
Chile, beans and corn tortillas.

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Quote
Sha sha matea