personal trainer working with student

The personal trainer program at the Student Life Center offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for one-on-one instruction and quality fitness assessments administered by a staff of personal trainers.

Interested individuals need to obtain a Fitness Profile packet from the front desk of the Student Life Center.

Weight Room Orientation

Personal goals and objectives consultation.
One-on-one weight room and cardio equipment orientation.

Personal Trainer Packages Include:

  • A written exercise program administered and supervised by a personal trainer.
  • Each session is usually one hour in length.
  • Body Composition.
  • Blood Pressure test.
  • Resting Heart Rate.

Participants must complete a Personal Fitness Questionnaire and Release to begin a personal trainer program.


  • 1 - Session Package $20.00
  • 3 - Session Package $55.00
  • 6 Session Package $100.00
  • 9 Session Package $150.00

For more information call 382-6946.