Recreational Services - Big Mountain Ski

Big Mountain Ski Team

Kelby Dyc

Elliot “Otter” Burke


Number of Participants: 5-12

Club Dues:          A Riders $400.00

                         B Riders $250.00

Eligibility: Registered full time student (12 credits, unless graduating in that semester) with a minimum GPA of 2.0

Competitions: Freeride World Qualifier Events (FWQ)

Requirements: Everyone must have a minimum if Avalanche 1 certification. Preferred if competed before.

Equipment Needed:

  • Skis or Snowboard
  • Boots
  • Poles
  • Pants and Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche beacon
  • Avalanche shovel
  • Avalanche probe
  • Spine Protector

Previous experience:  Years of experience skiing or snowboarding.  Feels comfortable on steep rugged terrain.

Commitment Expected from Members: All members must attend group meetings and training sessions.

For more information, please contact the Club Sports Office:  970-247-7575‚Äč