Group Exercise

Skyhawk Group X Schedule
Summer 2019
April 29 - May 30

12:15pm    Kick and Jab with Allison (40 mins)

12:15pm     Cardio Strength Intervals with Brandon (40 mins)

12:15pm     Flash-ercise with Elizabeth (40 mins)

12:15pm    Outdoor Fitness with Allison (40 mins)

5:15pm       Spin with Mark (45 mins)

Spring 2019 
January 14 - April 26th

12:15pm    Kick and Jab with Allison (40 mins)
5:15pm      Slow Flow with Akadia (45 mins)
6:15pm      Butts and Guts with Emily (45 mins
7:15pm      Power Vinyasa with Natalie (60 mins)

12:15pm     Cardio Strength Intervals with Brandon (40 mins)
6:15pm       Soul Spin with Tori (45 mins)
7:15pm       Bootcamp with Emily  (45 mins)

12:15pm     Flash-ercise with Elizabeth (40 mins)
5:15pm       Spin with Mark (45 mins)

6:15pm       Power Vinyasa with Natalie (55 mins)
7:15pm       Deep Yin with Akadia (60 mins)


6:30pm       Mountain Fit (60 mins)
12:15pm    Total Body with Lily (40 mins)
5:15pm      Kick and Jab with Allison (45 mins)
6:15pm      Soul Spin with Tori (45 mins)

12:15pm    Deep Yin with Akadia (40 mins)

Class Description

Kick and Jab- Learn self -defense and get an intense workout with Allison’s Martial Arts based class (M)

Slow Flow- Akadia's slow flow class combines the relaxation of a yin class with the flows of Vinyasa (L).

Butts & Guts- Target your tough spots with Emily’s booty blasting, ab crushing workout (M).

Power Vinyasa- Challenge yourself with Natalie’s Vinyasa flows. She pushes balance and strength in an upbeat and exciting environment (L-M).

Cardio Strength Intervals - Stop by Brandon’s Cardio Strength Interval class. He runs you through high intensity circuits (H).

Soul Spin- Tori's spin class will improve your heart health while having fun (M-H).

Bootcamp- Feel like a recruit in this high intensity total body bootcamp (H).

Flash-Ercise- Elizabeth with run you through a fun and fast paced dance routine (M).

Spin- Mark will have you sweating in this fast-paced cycling workout (M-H).

Deep Yin- Take a breather with Akadia’s deep yin class. She will take you through deep stretch yoga that is sure to relieve all your stresses (L).

Total Body- Join Lily to get pumped. She provides circuit training that will get you stronger every day (M-H).

Latin Dance- Get a great workout while having fun with this Latin based dancing class (M).

Mountain Fitness- Let OP help you get fit for your next adventure. This class is designed to improve your cardiovascular and core endurance for big days on the mountains (H).

Fitness Intensity Key
High Intensity
M- Moderate Intensity
L- Low Intensity