Recreational Services - Group Exercise

Group Exercise

Skyhawk Group X Schedule
Begins September 3rd

12:15   Core-Batta with Staci ( 40 mins)
5:15      A.A.B with Lily (30 mins)
6:00      Killer Cardio  with Emily (45 mins)
7:15      Power Vinyasa  with Natalie (60 mins)

12:15   Skyhawk Spin with Jamie  (40 mins)
6:00     Total Body with Zach   (45 mins)
7:15      Butts & Guts with Emily  (45 mins)

12:15   Kick & Jab with Allison  (40 mins)
6:00     Muscle Madness with Lily   (45 mins)
7:15     Deep Yin with Akadia  (45 mins)

12:15   C.S.I. with Brandon (40mins)
5:15      Quick Core with Lily (30 mins)
6:00      Skyhawk Spin with Maddie (45 mins)
7:15      Upbeat Flow with Lilly (60 mins)

12:15    Deep Yin with Akadia  (40 mins)
6:00      Total Body with Zach (45 mins)

Class Description

A.B.B. - Need to get a quick workout in before class? Join Lily for a quick 30 minute Arms, Back, and Body (ab) workout. (H)

Butts & Guts - Target your tough spots with Emily’s booty blasting, ab crushing workout. (M/L)

C.S.I. - Stop by Brandon’s Cardio Strength Interval class. He runs you through high intensity circuits. (H)

Core-Batta - Join Staci in a Killer core class. Using interval training, Staci will help tone and strengthen your core. (M)

Deep Yin - Take a breather with Akadia’s deep yin class. She will take you through deep stretch yoga that is sure to relieve all your stresses. (L)

Kick & Jab - Learn self defense and get an intense workout with Allison’s Martial Arts based class. (M)

Killer Cardio - Love cardio? Come to killer cardio with Emily. You will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping in her 45 minute cardio class. (M)

Muscle Madness - Join Lily to get those muscles going. She provides circuit training that will get you stronger every day. (M)

Power Vinyasa - Challenge yourself with Natalie’s vinyasa flows. She pushes balance and strength in an upbeat and exciting environment. (H)

Quick Core - Lily will blast your core in thirty minutes in this high intensity ab and body workout. (H)

Skyhawk Spin - Come support your school and get spinning with Jamie and Maddie. Spin provides interval training that is fast and fun. (H/M)

Total Body - Train your whole body in just 45 minutes. This fast-paced workout is sure to make you sore. (M)

Upbeat Flow - Lilly provides fun flows in her vinyasa type yoga class. (L/M)

 Fitness Intensity Key
H- High Intensity
M- Moderate Intensity
L- Low Intensity