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Group Exercise

Winter 2016 Group Exercise Schedule


This dance-based fitness class features exotic rhythms that are set to high-energy Latin and international beats. It’s one of the best ways to get fit, toned, and a cardio workout. It is easy to do, effective, and exhilarating! All levels are welcome!

Indoor Cycling

This high-energy class is an energizing workout that blends cycling technique, breathing awareness, and heart rate training into one. Each class is different and unique to the instructor! You’ll be sweating and burning calories as your instructor takes you through a series of hills, jogs, sprints, jumps and more!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a foundational Yoga that uses a series of flowing postures to encourage proper alignment and structural integrity. Each class focuses on the connection of mind and body through breath awareness. Special attention is given to core awareness to improve your stability in each pose. Appropriate for all yoga enthusiasts!

Morning Flow

Come start off your morning with us to realign your body and spirit! Morning flow uses a series of postures that focus on the connection of mind and body through breath awareness. Poses will work on stretching and strengthening the body while creating internal energy and peace. All levels are welcome!

Butt N Gut

Get those abs and glutes rock solid during this 45 minute workout! You will strengthen and transform those hard to reach areas to get the abs and glutes you’ve always wanted! All levels are welcome!

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness is the combination of dance, hip-hop and aerobic fitness! A fun way for all levels of fitness to exercise! Come join our dance party where you’ll be able to shake your booty and burn some calories in a fun filled atmosphere!

Power Yoga

Come learn about the power of proper alignment, breathing and the benefits it can provide! Power Yoga is ideal for both beginner and advanced students. This class will help you build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. The challenging and dynamic Power sequences link breath to movement. Expand your practice and open up in this powerful flow class! 

Power Abs

Get those abs rock solid during this intense 45 minute workout! Using minimal weights, you will tighten and strengthen those hard to reach areas to get the abs you’ve always wanted!

Total Body Conditioning

Take a break during lunch to come tone and strengthen your whole body in this half hour class! From core work to legs and arms, you’re guaranteed to leave class feeling accomplished, strong and wanting more! 

TRX Strength

Join us in the weight room during lunch for a quick half hour work out! This class focuses on using the TRX cables to build strength and tone your entire body! With many modifications offered, this class is ideal for all levels!


Start your day off right by working out your body and mind! This class offers a variety of styles to facilitate all Yoga ability levels. It is different from typical Yoga classes, because Elliot challenges herself and others to make it different.  You are guaranteed to leave her class in an outstanding mood.