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Intramural Sports

Our Intramural Sports Program emphasizes friendly competition and sportsmanship. Intramural Sports provide opportunities for you to participate in a wide range of sports and special events at a variety of competitive and recreational levels, regardless of age, skill level, gender or interest. You can sign up as individuals, or get a team together.

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Intramural Events

Fall sports

  • NFL Weekly Pick’Em
  • Softball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Flag Football
  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Racquetball Ladder
  • 6v6 Indoor Volleyball
  • 3v3 Indoor Soccer
  • 3v3 Basketball
  • 2v2 Badminton
  • Video Game Tournament 

Winter sports

  • NFL Weekly Pick’Em
  • Handball
  • Trashketball
  • 5v5 Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Cornhole Tournament
  • Kickball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • 3v3 Basketball
  • 4v4 Outdoor Volleyball
  • Video Game Tournament

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