Recreational Services

Student Life Center Memberships

All current FLC students pay student fees for access to the SLC. A valid Skycard is required for access to the facility.


Faculty & Staff Memberships

The Student Life Center promotes wellness campus-wide by offering a variety of membership options for faculty and staff within the FLC community. Gold Memberships have unlimited access to the SLC during normal hours of operation. Silver Members are unable to check-in to the SLC after 4:00pm M-F, but have unlimited access on the weekends and over the summer.

Faculty/Staff Gold Membership
(Unlimited Access during normal hours of operation)

  • Monthly - $40/month
  • Semester - $150
  • Academic (Expires 4/30) $280 or $35/month – *Payroll Deduction
  • Annual - $360 or $30/month – *Payroll Deduction

Faculty/Staff Silver Membership
(Unable to check-in after 4:00pm Mon-Fri)

  • Academic (Expires 4/30) $180 or $25/month – *Payroll Deduction
  • Annual - $240 or $20/month – *Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction

*Payroll Deduction Payment - If payment is through payroll deduction, a completed payroll deduction form must be completed along with this membership application. Termination of payroll deduction for a Student Life Center membership may only be administered at the end of the Fall and Winter terms. A request for the termination of payroll deduction must be submitted in writing to the Director of Recreational Services at least 30 days prior to the requested termination date.

Student Summer Membership

Students that are not enrolled in summer classes, but taking Fall classes, may purchase a Summer Membership for $60. Individual Summer Session passes are available for $20.

Alumni Memberships

Alumni that graduated from Fort Lewis College are eligible to purchase a membership for the Student Life Center. There will be a one-time $15 fee for all new alumni memberships.

  • Monthly - $40/month
  • Semester - $150
  • Academic - (Expires 4/30) $280
  • Annual - $360

Family Memberships

All current faculty or staff must purchase a primary membership in order to obtain a family pass. Students taking a minimum of 12 credits are eligible to purchase a family pass. Faculty, staff, and students may purchase a family pass for their spouse, or domestic partner, and eligible dependents. Family members must be 17 in order to utilize the SLC unsupervised. Those age 16 and under will not be allowed upstairs in the Student Life Center. Dependents age 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult member at all times. There will be a one-time $15 fee for all new family members.

  • Semester - $110
  • Academic (Expires 4/30) $200
  • Annual (Expires 8/31) $280

Guest Pass

Current SLC members may sponsor up to two non-members a day. Sponsoring member must be present during the entire visit for the guests. Each guest pass cost $5, per person. The sponsor is responsible for the guest.