Overview of Process

Application for Graduation process

Submission of the Application for Graduation will determine the student’s eligibility to participate in the commencement ceremony, as well as eligibility to be awarded a degree (note: degrees will only be awarded to students who have met all degree requirements once the semester has ended).

What to do: The application form is available on the Apply to Graduate link on the Registrar’s Office website and at the Registrar’s Office campus location, Miller Student Services, room 160.

On the application students must declare their intended graduation date, the catalog year they are following and the major(s) and any minor(s) they are completing. Students who will be graduating with two degrees, i.e., both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree, must submit two Applications for Graduation.

How to do it: We recommend that students review their unofficial transcript and degree audit (online evaluation in WEBOPUS) in order to complete the form.  ALL required information and ALL required documentation must be provided.

Outstanding coursework from transfer institutions and test scores must be sent to the Registrar’s Office immediately and all Exceptions to Graduation Requirements requests must be submitted as soon as possible. There is a place on the Application for Graduation form to note coursework/requirements that are still pending completion.  Documentation is required for anything that is not currently shown as “met” on the degree audit evaluation.

What to expect: Applications submitted on time will be processed within seven weeks of the Census Date.   An email notification will be sent to students’ official Fort Lewis College email address informing them of the status of their applications, whether it has been approved or denied. 

A student’s application status is viewable from the Advising Information page under “Student Records” in WebOPUS. There are six possible values for Graduation Status:

  • Blank: Application has never been submitted. This is the default.
  • Application Pending: Application has been received by the Registrar’s Office and awaits review.
  • Application Approved: Application has been reviewed and approved. Student is eligible for the requested graduation date.
  • Application Denied: Application has been denied. Student must appeal or submit a new application for a later graduation date.
  • Degree Awarded: Bachelor Degree has been awarded.
  • Failure to Complete: Bachelor Degree was not awarded on the expected date. Student must submit a new application.

Graduation fee: Student accounts will be billed a mandatory $50 graduation fee for each undergraduate application or $80 graduation fee for each graduate application if approved. Students only have to pay this fee once per degree. If a student hasn’t previously paid the fee, it will be automatically added to the student’s account when the application is approved and the student is responsible for its timely payment. Students with two degrees (B.S. and B.A.) must pay two graduation fees.

Appeal process: There is a one-time appeal process for students to show how requirements will be completed by the end of the semester.  More information on the policy and process of ‘applying to graduate’ is available in the current online catalog, under Degree Requirements.


  • On the application process:  Contact the Registrar’s Office at gradcheck@fortlewis.edu.
  • On degree requirements:  Contact your primary advisor to go over your degree information.