Preparing the Application

What do I do before I apply?

REVIEW YOUR CATALOG - Links to all catalog years are provided on the Registrar’s Office webpage.  Students are responsible for reviewing the catalog and completing all degree requirements as listed in their catalog year.  Students must also meet all college policies as listed in the current catalog.  Click here for all online catalogs.

REVIEW YOUR TRANSCRIPT - Student transcripts may be reviewed in theFort/WebOPUS from the Student Records link.  Make sure all your Fort Lewis College courses (or transfer courses) are appearing as you believe they should on your transcript.

REVIEW YOUR AUDIT - Pull a report to assist you with interpreting completion of your degree requirements.  Log onto theFort/WebOPUS.  Select:  Student Services, Student Records, View Audit, Generate New Evaluation (WebCAPP) /Request Audit (u.achieve).

FILE PAPERWORK - Applications for Graduation will only be approved if all Exceptions to Graduation Requirements have been properly submitted with the Registrar’s Office.  The same is true for transcripts of completed transfer work from other institutions.

USE ONLINE DEGREE PLANNING TOOLS - The Registrar’s Office webpage includes Degree Planning and Tracking worksheets, a Liberal Arts Summary sheet, the degree audit user guides and a FAQ document on degree information.

MEET WITH YOUR ADVISOR - All students are assigned one faculty advisor.  The advisor is  available for appointments throughout the academic year to review degree requirements. 

To identify your faculty and staff advisors, follow these steps:
• Go to theFort:
• Login to your account with your username and password
• Choose “WebOPUS” from the left column
• Choose “Student Services”
• Choose “Student Records”
• Choose “Advising Information”
• Your advisors’ names and contact information will be displayed.

Questions?  Contact the Registrar’s Office at