Registrar's Office - Registration Override Instructions

Registration Override Instructions

Instructors can enter overrides for Instructor Permission, prerequisites and course level (class restriction) via WEBOPUS.

  1. Login in to theFort (
  2. Select WebOpus from External Quicklinks
  3. Select the Faculty Services tab
  4. Select Registration Overrides
  5. Select a term from the drop down field and submit
  6. Type in student ID and submit
  7. Submit to confirm you have the correct student name
  8. Using the drop down arrows, select the override and the course—submit
  9. Confirm the information is correct by submitting once more
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ID Selection—this will take you back to the page where you enter the next student’s ID (if you have a list of students that need overrides)
  11. Be sure to log out when you are done