Waitlisting FAQ's for Faculty

What is a Registration Waitlist?

A Registration Waitlist is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a full class.  A student may sign up for this when s/he attempts to register for a section that has reached its capacity.  The first student on the Registration Waitlist is notified via email when a space becomes available.  This student then has 36 hours to register for the section.  If the student does not register for the section within the 36 hour time frame, s/he will be dropped from the Registration Waitlist for that section and the next student on the list will be notified.  The time frame changes to 24 hours beginning the first day of the semester.  The waitlist capacity will be initially set at 50% of the enrollment maximum.

What does the department or the instructor need to do about the Registration Waitlist?

Departments and instructors don’t need to do anything with the registration waitlist.  It is handled electronically.

How do students get on a Registration Waitlist for a section?

A student may get on a Registration Waitlist when s/he attempts to register for a section that is full.  When s/he receives a Registration Add Error stating ‘Closed-x on Waitlist’, s/he may select “Waitlist” from the dropdown menu under Action.  If there is no space available on the waitlist for that section, s/he will not have the option to “Waitlist” and the Registration Add Error will indicate ‘Closed-Waitlist Full”.  If the error message states ‘Open-Reserved for Waitlist’, the section was closed, but someone has dropped it.  Only students on the waitlist will be allowed to register for the course.

Students and faculty can view waitlist availability via class search function on WebOPUS.

Do students need to meet course prerequisites and restrictions to get on a Registration Waitlist?

Prerequisites and restrictions are checked before students are allowed to join a waitlist; therefore, instructors will need to enter over-rides via their WebOPUS accounts before a student can waitlist and register.  Possible time conflicts with the desired course are not checked at this time to allow scheduling flexibility; however, the student will have to drop the other course before REGISTERING for the waitlisted course.  If both instructors have approved registration time conflicts for a particular course, the student will need to provide an add form with their signatures to the Registrar’s Office after the waitlist period is over. 

How do students know their positions on the Registration Waitlist for a section?

Students may see where they are on the Registration Waitlist for a specific section through the Student Detail Schedule link via their WebOPUS account.

The section is full and the Registration Waitlist is full and the student really needs this class.  What can s/he do?

A student may always ask the instructor to sign an add form after the waitlist period is over.  The student should keep checking to see if a space becomes available on the Registration Waitlist. However, being on the Registration Waitlist does not guarantee the student will get in the class.  The waitlist period ends at 11:59 PM on the first Friday of the Fall and Spring semesters and at 11:59 PM the first day of each summer session.

How will students know when a space becomes available in a class for which they are on the Registration Waitlist?

An email will be sent to their FLC email accounts notifying them there is a space available.

Once the email is sent, how long do students have to register?

Students will have until the deadline noted on the email to register for the section which is 36 hours from the time the email was sent. If students do not register within that time frame, they will be dropped from the Registration Waitlist.  The time frame changes to 24 hours beginning the first day of the semester. If they miss their registration window but still wish to register for the class, they may register for the Registration Waitlist again.

A student registered for the Registration Waitlist of a section when the section was full.  The section now appears overfull and s/he is still on the Registration Waitlist. What can the student do?

Advising may be holding seats in the section (F-sections) and additional seats may open up once the new student advising period is complete.  The student will remain on the waitlist, or, s/he may ask the instructor to sign an add form after the waitlist period is over.