Approved Distance Education Courses
Course Subject Course Number Title Hybrid or  W/Lab Online
ACC 225 Introduction to Financial Accounting Hybrid
ACC 226 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Hybrid
ACC 370 Tops in Accounting Hybrid
ACC 440 Taxation 1 Hybrid
ACC 441 Taxation 2 Hybrid
ANTH 215 Magic and Religion Online
ART 262 Art History I: Ancient World to the Middle Ages Online
AT 205 First Responder Hybrid
AT 224 Foundations in Athletic Training Hybrid Online
AT 283 Evaluation of Injuries I Hybrid
AT 285 Evaluation of Injuries II Hybrid
AT 385 Therapeutic Modalities Hybrid
AT 387 Therapeutic Exercise Hybrid
AT 424 Advanced Medical Concepts Hybrid
AT 480 Administration in Athletic Training Hybrid
AT 495 Research in Health Professions I Hybrid
AT 496 Research in Health Professions II Hybrid
BA 110 Introduction to Business Decision Making Hybrid Online
BA 131 Introduction to Resort Management Online
BA 223 Introduction to Data Analysis Hybrid
BA 254 Business Statistics: Applications Hybrid Online
BA 260 Business Law and Ethics Online
BA 300 Management Principles Hybrid Online
BA 303 Perspectives International Business Hybrid
BA 304 Entrepreneurial Finance Hybrid
BA 320 Leadership Theory and Practice Hybrid
BA 335 Ski Resort Operations Online
BA 335 Ski Resort Management Online
BA 353 Operations Management Hybrid
BA 361 Investments/Wealth Management Hybrid
BA 362 Cross-Culture Management Hybrid
BA 368 Topics in Management Hybrid
BA 370 Topics: International Business Hybrid
BA 374 Strategic Business communications Hybrid
BA 380 Principles of Finance Hybrid
BA 383 Risk Management Hybrid
BA 385 Risky Decisions Hybrid
BA 387 Real Estate Analysis Hybrid
BA 449 Financial Economics Hybrid
BA 450 Seminar in Finance Hybrid
BA 485 Investments and Portfolio Management Hybrid
BA 495 Strategic Management Capstone Hybrid
BIO 110 Modern Issues in Environmental Biology Hybrid W/Lab Online
BIO 125 Conservation Biology Online
CHEM 123 Chemistry for Consumers Online
COMP 150 Rhetoric and Research Online
COMP 250 Academic Inquiry and Writing Hybrid Online
COMP 252 Professional and Technical Writing Hybrid Online
COMP 350 Rhetoric of Knowledge Hybrid Online
ECON 262 Principles of Microeconomics Hybrid
ECON 374 International Trade Hybrid
ECON 379 Reading in Economics Hybrid
ED 222 Education: Global Perspectives Hybrid Online
ED 332 Materials and Methods of Bilingual Education Online
ED 600 Introduction to Graduate Research Hybrid Online
ED 603 Instructional Technology in Schools Hybrid Online
ED 610 21st Century Curriculum Design Hybrid
ED 611 Engaging Learning Environments I Hybrid
ED 613 Content Methods Hybrid
ED 619 Teacher Professional Growth I Hybrid Online
ED 620 Cultural Competency and Schools Hybrid
ED 621 Engaging Learning Environments II Hybrid
ED 623 Content Literacy Hybrid
ED 625 Teacher Professional Growth II Hybrid Online
ED 630 Emerging Technology in Education Hybrid
ED 645 Elementary Social Studies Methods Hybrid Online
ED 680 Capstone Project Hybrid Online
ED 710 Instructional Coaching Hybrid
ED 720 Data Analysis and Transforming Assessments Hybrid
ED 730 Student-Centered Differentiated Instruction Hybrid
ED 740 Effective School Leadership Hybrid
ED 750 Action Research I Hybrid
ED 760 Action Research II Hybrid
ED 780 Culminating Research Project Hybrid
ENGL 175 Women's Literature Hybrid Online
ENGL 232 British Literature Since 1800 Hybrid Online
ES 150 Sociology of Sport Online
ES 310 Exercise Testing and Prescription Hybrid
ES 335 Kinesiology and Biomechanics Hybrid W/Lab
ES 360 Exercise Physiology Hybrid W/Lab
ES 375 Sport and Exercise Psychology Hybrid Online
ES 480 Administration Program: Exercise Science Hybrid
ES 490 Exercise Specialist: Capstone Hybrid
ES 495 Research Design and Development Hybrid
ES 496 Senior Seminar and Research in Exercise Science Hybrid Online
HIST 160 Western Civilization I Online
HIST 281 U.S. History Since 1877 Online
HIST 307 History of Disease Online
HIST 392 World Topics: The Samurai (only) Online
MATH 105 College Mathematics Hybrid
MATH 112 Preparation for Algebra Hybrid Online
MATH 132 Introduction to Statistics Hybrid Online
MK 360 Sports Marketing Online
MU 101 The Musical Experience Online
MU 102 Blues/Jazz/Rock Online
PHIL 271 Logic Hybrid
PS 101 Introduction to Political Science Online
PSYC 157 Introduction to Psychology Hybrid
PSYC 233 Personality Hybrid
PSYC 254 Lifespan Human Development Hybrid
PSYC 356 Adolescent Development Hybrid
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I Online
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II Online