Submitting Grades

Grading Opens: For Fall and Spring terms, WebOPUS grading is open from the morning of the last day of classes until 1:00 p.m. on the Monday after finals week. You will receive an email notification when the grading function has been turned on.

Grading Deadline: Final grades are due by 1:00 p.m. on the Monday following finals week (see the current Academic Calendar for specific dates). 

Directions for submitting your mid-term or final grades:  

  1. Log in to WebOPUS.
  2. Click the "Faculty Services" tab.
  3. Click "Term Selection", use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate term, then click "Submit".
  4. The Faculty Services menu will reappear. Click "Class Roster and Faculty Schedule", then "CRN Selection". All of your courses should be listed in a drop-down menu (by CRN). Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate CRN, then click "Submit".
  5. The Faculty Services menu will reappear. Click "Grades and Census Date Reporting", then click either "Mid-Term Grades" or "Final Grades" as appropriate.
  6. The class roster will appear. Follow the directions at the top of the worksheet. Use the drop-down menu next to each student’s name to select the appropriate grade. You must enter a grade for every student, even if they never attended class. If you have questions about what grade to enter for a student who never attended class, please discuss this with your department chair.
  7. If your class has more than 25 students, the roster will continue onto the next page. Just above or just below the names you will see "Records: 1-25, 26-50, 51-n". Click 26-50 for the second page. Click "Submit" to save grades on each page. Click "Submit" often! You can submit changes as often as you'd like. (**Anyone using WebOPUS is logged off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. Submit changes often so you don't lose your work.**)
  8. To grade another class, go to the very bottom of the screen and click on "CRN SELECTION." This will get you back to the faculty menu where you can select the next course to grade.
  9. When you have entered grades in all your classes, or when you have finished grading for the time being, click on "Sign Out" in the top right corner of the page to log out of WebOPUS.

NOTE: You do not need to submit all of your grades in a single session. You can return at any point while WebOPUS grading is activated.