Registrar's Office

Petition by a Student for a Course Grade of AW

PURPOSE: Students complete this form to petition to be assigned a grade of AW (administrative withdrawal) for a course. Students wanting to withdraw from all courses should Withdraw from Term via WebOPUS.

AW’s are only granted to students who have experienced serious, unforeseen obstacles to course completion (e.g., severe injury, physical or mental illness, death in the family, etc.) during the current term.

Documentation of the serious, unforeseen obstacles must be included with this petition for it to be reviewed. Your petition will be returned if documentation is not included. Types of documentation may include: letter from a counselor, doctor, or therapist; police report; copy of a funeral program; etc. A letter from a faculty member may be used in certain circumstances.

Missing the CW deadline or failing a course is not a reason to apply for a course grade of AW.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS: Complete this form and attach documentation. The completed petition will be reviewed by the Provost’s designee and will notify the student of the decision. Petitions that are approved will result in a grade of AW for the course.

DEADLINE: Petitions must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday of the last week of classes. Petitions submitted after this date and time will not be reviewed.

Section I – Student’s Information

Section II – Term and Course Information

Section III– Reason for Request

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By submitting this form, I make known that I am aware of the fact that withdrawing from a course might affect my eligibility for financial aid, health insurance, course registration, etc.