Leaving Fort Lewis College

We are committed to facilitating our students' academic success, and we understand that sometimes students need to step away from Fort Lewis College temporarily or even permanently in order to succeed. If you are considering taking a break or leaving FLC permanently, this page and the links below will provide you with the information you need. 

Students leaving FLC will generally fall into one of these categories 

  • Not Returning (Current students who are leaving FLC permanently) 
  • Taking a Break from FLC (Current students who are leaving FLC temporarily)
  • Semester Withdrawal (Current students who are withdrawing from all their classes after Census for the current term)
  • Administrative Withdrawal (Current students withdrawing from one or more classes after Census for the current term on account of serious, unforeseen obstacles to course completion)
  • Not Enrolling (Admitted students who have confirmed, but no longer intend to enroll at FLC)

Questions & Assistance

FLC staff are here to help you explore your options, navigate the process, and find resources. The decision to leave FLC, whether on a permanent or a temporary basis, can have serious implications for your long-term academic success and your ability to graduate. If you are considering leaving, we strongly encourage you to speak with your advisor as soon as possible. You can make an advising appointment online

You can also come by Skyhawk Station, email skyhawkstation@fortlewis.edu, or call 970-247-7301.