Account Holds

What are "Holds"?
Holds are placed on student accounts when students have not completed paperwork required by the college or have not paid a bill. You can check to see if you have a hold on your account through your Webopus account or by logging into theFort.

What do I do if I have a "Hold"?
Make sure you take the action required to remove the hold before you are scheduled to register for classes. The first step is to call the phone number next to the hold listed on your record to understand how to remove the hold.

Can I register before I take the required action to remove the hold?
No. Many students are unable to register during pre-registration because they are blocked by holds. You will not be able to register for classes through Webopus until the hold is removed. That is why it’s important for you to take action immediately.

Check below for the list and description of the holds on student accounts.

Admission Hold

You need to submit the required documents to complete your admission file. If one of these three documents are missing, you will have an Admission hold.

  • Official copy of final high school transcripts, showing date of graduation. -- All Freshmen must arrange for their official transcripts to be sent to Fort Lewis College by their high school.
  • Official transcripts from any previous colleges or universities– All transfer students and freshmen who participated in a concurrent enrollment program must arrange to have their official transcripts sent by the institution to Fort Lewis College.
  • Residency documents – If you are seeking in-state tuition classification, you need to provide a copy of your parents’ driver’s license (copy of student driver’s license if older than 23), a copy of your parents’ Colorado tax return. Note: All documents related to establishing eligibility for in-state tuition must be filed no later than the first day of the term.

To remove this hold have all admission documents sent to:

Official transcripts can be mailed to:
Office of Admission
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301

   Electronic official transcripts can be emailed to:

Questions? Call the Office of Admission & Advising at (970) 247-7184.

Athletic Compliance Hold

If you are a varsity athlete, you need to show NCAA eligibility. Student athletes need to report to Lynne Andrew, Assistant Athletic Director. Call 970-247-6438 or email

Basic Skills Hold

You receive a Basic Skills (BS) hold when you haven’t submitted the documentation that allows us to assess your status in reading, writing, and mathematics. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • An ACT or SAT score report
  • Official college transcript showing completion with a C- or better in the appropriate remedial course or college-level course.

You can remove this hold by providing this documentation or by taking the Accuplacer test.

Continuing Education Hold

You receive a Continuing Education Hold when you owe money for an Innovative Month trip. Call the Continuing Education office at 970-247-7385 for more information.

Dishonesty Hold

Contact the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs in 240 Berndt Hall at 970-247-7334 to remove this hold.

Disciplinary Hold

Contact the Office of Student Affairs (230 Miller Student Services) at 970-247-7573 to remove this hold.

Immunization Hold

All new students must submit a Certificate of Immunization to the Health Center to establish they have adequate immunization against measles, mumps and rubella. If you live on campus, you must also submit additional information related to Meningococcal Disease.

To release this hold, you can fill out the Certificate of Immunization. Fort Lewis also accepts records from medical offices or high schools by mail, phone or fax. You can also receive vaccines on campus.

Records should include:

  • Full name of student
  • Student’s birth date
  • Social security number
  • Day, month and year of two immunizations
  • Signature of physician nurse or school official.

Mail Certificate of Immunization documents to:

Health Center
Room 170
Miller Student Services Center
Fort Lewis College

Or fax them to: 970-247-7621

Official Coll Tran

This is an “Official College Transcript” hold. It means that Fort Lewis College needs a copy of your official transcripts from all other colleges and universities that you attended. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the Registrar’s Office at the other institution to our Registrar’s Office.

Call 970-247-7350 if you have questions.

Past Due Balance Hold

If you owe the college money or have a past-due balance, a past due balance hold will be placed on your account.  To check your balance and/or pay your bill, log in to theFort, go to the Student Account Suite External Quicklink – You will immediately see your Current Account Status – Amount Due and have the option to make a payment or View Account Activity.

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or with an ACH transaction.  Holds paid via Student Account Suite will be released by the following business day.  If you would like it released right away after you pay, call 970-247-7380.

You can also pay at the Cashier’s window - Room 140, Berndt Hall to pay in person.  Be sure to request that your hold be lifted.

Call 970-247-7380 if you have questions.

Perkins Loan Exit Hold

This hold means that you need to complete an exit interview for your Perkins Loan.

To remove the hold, call 1-888-549-3274 for your PIN and the website to complete the process. When you are done, call 970-247-7380 to have the hold removed.

Prepayment Required Hold (PP)

If you need to pre-pay your tuition and fees before registering, you’ll have a Pre-Payment Required hold. Contact the Controller’s Office in 140 Berndt Hall at 970-247-7380 if you have any questions.

Selective Service Hold (SS)

All males between the ages of 18-26 are required to certify registration with the Selective Service before enrolling in any state-supported institution in Colorado. First, you need to go to to register for the Selective Service. From there you can either click “Register Online” or “Check a Registration” if you think you’ve already registered. Once you’ve completed your online registration, fill out the Selective Service form and turn it in to the Registrar’s Office in 160 Miller Student Services. You may file a statement with the Selective Service office indicating your position as a conscientious objector. However, you are still required to complete the form.

Study Abroad Hold

If you are studying abroad next semester, this hold is placed on your account to ensure that you don’t register for any classes at Fort Lewis College since you will be taking courses at another school. There is nothing that you need to do about this hold.