Waitlist FAQ's and Instructions for Students

Waitlist Procedures in WebOPUS

If you add a course that is closed and has a waitlist, you will get a Registration Add Error and the Status will be Closed – XXX Waitlisted.  You must then choose one of the following options:

  • If you choose to be placed on the waitlist, be sure Waitlist via WebOPUS appears in the ACTION drop down box, and then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button.  After processing, the course will appear on your list of courses in the Add or Drop Classes page with a status of Waitlist.  The course will also appear on the Student Detail Schedule with a Waitlist status, but will NOT appear on the Student Schedule by Day & Time.
  • If you choose NOT to be added to the waitlist, be sure None appears in the Action drop down box, then click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button, and the course will be removed.

Advising Tutorial Video: How to add a class to the wait list

Waitlist FAQ's for Students