Registrar's Office


Students who have registered for classes and decide not to attend have the responsibility to cancel their registration or initiate a withdrawal by following the appropriate procedure.  Students are cautioned that they are only eligible for one Post-Census Withdrawal during their undergraduate career at Fort Lewis College.

If you have applied for campus housing and/or financial aid, you have other responsibilities associated with withdrawal. Those offices must be contacted directly:

  • Campus Housing - Please refer to your housing contract for cancelation deadlines and procedures.  For questions email the Housing Office or call them at 970-247-7503.

Click on the withdrawal type (i.e. withdrawal before a term has started) to be taken to the appropriate procedure.

Withdrawal Type


Withdrawal before a term has started

The process must be completed by midnight before classes begin.

Withdrawal from a single course


The deadline to receive a grade of CW is the regular closing time of the Registrar’s Office on the Friday of the week midterm grades are posted.

If you missed the deadline and if a grade of AW seems appropriate, you can click here for more information.

Withdrawal after a term has started FIRST DAY OF TERM TO CENSUS DATE

Census Date

Withdrawal after a term has started after CENSUS DATE TO LAST DAY OF REGULAR CLASSES

Last Day of Regular Classes



Technical Difficulties with WebOPUS 
If a student experiences problems with using WebOPUS, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

Tuition and Fees Schedule For Students Who Withdraw
Students initiating a pre-Census or post-Census withdrawal will be assessed tuition and fees according to the pro rata schedule published on the Student Billing & Cashiering website. There are separate schedules for the fall and spring semesters and the summer sessions.

Other Responsibilities Associated With Withdrawal
Students who have applied for housing and/or financial aid have other responsibilities associated with official withdrawal and must contact those offices directly.