Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Fort Lewis College

Religion has been and remains one of the most powerful influences shaping individual and collective human world views and behavior. The minor in Religious Studies uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore various religious traditions, how those religious traditions have shaped history, and in-turn how those religious traditions have been acted upon by historical processes. The minor allows students to examine through texts, symbols, myths, rituals, ideas, values, and ethical systems how a variety of religious traditions have interacted with cultural systems to shape social, economic, political, class, ethnic, racial, and gender concerns.

Since religious understandings are central to people and culture, then and now, Religious Studies courses offer students not only an opportunity for self-awareness but the basis for living in a global, multicultural world. In addition, course work in Religious Studies can prepare students for faith-based service in a church, synagogue, or mosque, activist civic engagement, social justice initiatives, as well as provide a solid foundation for graduate schools and careers in teaching, counseling, business, law, writing, the arts, and professional religious leadership positions.

For more information about the Religious Studies Program please contact: 

Justin P McBrayer - Assistant Professor
Dept: Political Science / Philosophy
Ph: 970-247-7349 216