Your SkyCard

What is a SkyCard?

Your SkyCard is the official Fort Lewis College identification card for students, staff and faculty. It should be carried with you at all times. It contains your photograph and your FLC identification number that validates you for campus entitlements and services. Many offices on campus will request your SkyCard or your ID number for verification when requesting their services.

Do not hole punch your SkyCard.

Our college ID, the SkyCard, uses a microchip that is embedded within them. A hole punch will compromise the microchip's antennae and disable the card's ability to function as a contactless door and meal access card.

How do I get a SkyCard?

Students must be registered for the current term to obtain a SkyCard. For students attending an orientation session, your SkyCard will be issued at a designated time during the session. The matriculation fee for new, ‘first-time’ students covers the cost of the first card.

If you are not attending an orientation session or are an employee please come by the SkyCard Service Center, 005 Student Union Building, across from the campus Post Office. Employees must be listed in the campus database. SkyCards will be generated for employees on or after their official employment date.

All cardholders are required to present a ‘government issued’ photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or state/tribal identification card to obtain the first issue of the SkyCard. Ski passes or sports club memberships are not considered valid forms of identification.

Your SkyCard is valid as long as you are an employee or registered student. A new card is not issued every year. The cardholder is responsible for the care of the SkyCard. Users that have damaged their cards (beyond the normal wear and tear) will be charged a replacement fee.

Don't want to stand in long lines at the SkyCard Office?

Click here to submit a photo online and have your SkyCard ready for pick up. You will need to present a government issued photo id (Drivers License, Passport, Tribal ID, Military ID) in order to pick up your SkyCard.