Studying Borders & Languages

Borders and Languages approaches the study of language in its cultural context. The major offers the possibility to achieve proficiency in the target language while also acquiring the knowledge to help us, as global citizens, negotiate the social problems associated with borders. Courses blend language study with content such as Latinx culture or borderlands music. Many classes are taught in English as well as the target language to encourage connection between linguistic groups, and upper division courses are taught in the target language. At present, the only target language offered is Spanish but we expect to expand our offerings.   
Students will explore themes salient in today’s world. For example, Narco Cultura will explore how dramatic social problems are portrayed in criminal justice systems, politics, social narratives and culture. Bio-Politics on the Border will explore problematic ideas of the immigrant body in politics, culture, and criminology. The Immigrant Experience will connect students from Fort Lewis with the immigrant community of Durango to create cross cultural bridges.   
All Borders and Language students are required to participate in the Block Internship program which will be satisfied by a semester abroad immersion program. Students who are unable to travel abroad will create local opportunities to encourage the use of the target language in everyday conversation.

Borders and Languages is offered as a major; find the details in our course catalog.