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Program Resources

Block Internship Program

The Sociology Block program is designed to integrate 16 credits of academic Sociology  with an intensive community placement in a regional human service agency or grassroots community organization. The goal is to provide an educational experience in which the academic study is integrated around, and driven by, work in the community. The community becomes the classroom which provides unique opportunities for learning. Each student works closely with an assigned faculty mentor. Students are placed according to their interests in community based non-profit and grassroots organizations whose mission is to address social and/or environmental problems within the Four Corners region. The Sociology department has developed long-term partnerships with approximately 25 regional, community based organizations who serve regularly as placement sites for participating students. Sociology alumni frequently credit the Block experience as the most influential learning experience terms of their career choices. 

Mexico Programs & Study Abroad

The Sociology department has led a winter semester trip to Mexico for 20 years.  In this unique program students live with families in villages in Northern Mexico and teach English in under funded rural classrooms.  Students meet with Fort Lewis College faculty every two weeks for classes in Sociology, History, and Spanish.  This opportunity allows students to learn Spanish, provide an important service for Mexican children, understand Mexican history, and make friends for a lifetime. 

The Sociology department also offers a wide range of innovative month programs during the summer sessions.  Students in the past have visited Northern Ireland, Viet Nam, Guatemala, Mexico, and Jamaica.